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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Dogs...

Elizabeth Taylor and Maltese Daisy Elizabeth Taylor and Her Life with DogsElizabeth Taylor and Lassie Elizabeth Taylor and Her Life with DogsElizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton with Pekingese Elizabeth Taylor and Her Life with Dogs

"News of the death of actress Elizabeth Taylor at the age of 79 brought me back to memories of how her life was filled with dogs. The lovely actress with violet eyes is known for such classic films as Cleopatra, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Butterfield 8 and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Yet for some of us we first became aware of her when as a child she costarred in the very first Lassie film, Lassie Come Home, as Priscilla, the daughter of the Duke of Rudling. Three years later she again appeared on screen with that famous collie in The Courage of Lassie. For her 60th birthday she was given a Collie puppy as a gift, and this puppy was, in fact a great grandchild (seven generations back) of Pal, the dog who played the original Lassie. When Taylor ended her marriage with construction worker Larry Fortensky (her eighth husband) this dog became an issue since Fortensky wanted the dog, but Taylor liked it enough to successfully sue for custody. Collies, however, have never been her first choice in dogs"...
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Anti-Cruelty Society Takes In 27 Dogs From Puppy Mills « CBS Chicago

“The majority of dogs are small-breed dogs – Pomeranians; I think they said there was a French bulldog, which isn’t that small – but smaller breeds, and of all ages, so we’re getting puppies, but we’re also getting some of the breeding stock,” said Anti-Cruelty Society president Dr. Robyn Barbiers.

Barbiers says 124 dogs in all from the Missouri puppy mills are being placed throughout the country. The 27 in Chicago will be adoptable after they are checked out with a veterinarian.

Anti-Cruelty Society Takes In 27 Dogs From Puppy Mills « CBS Chicago

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My little cocker spaniel "Becas" ...

Here she's resting on her sofa when that time of day comes , sleepy time ! With her pijamas on and ready for bed ; )
JC Parente.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

14 Defenseless Dogs Discovered in Worse than Deplorable Conditions

In the USA a Rogers County man faces felony animal cruelty charges, after authorities discover dogs living in deplorable conditions.


It was a rescue mission Monday afternoon that  few could stomach.  "You walk up and go huh and then you step back and get your breath to go at again," explained neighbor Ladonna Landrum.  In all investigators say they discovered 14 defenseless dogs inside the tiny trailer. They say feces were stacked  knee deep and trash was piled high inside.  Outside, more  than a handful of  dogs were also caged while others ran lose.  "Their day to day life was absolutely pure hell," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

Neighbors say Dennis Brooks created the mess, but bailed on the animals and the trashed trailer months ago. "I saw him in and out. Pull in the drive way come for five or ten minutes and then leave. You know and that was it," explained Landrum. However she says the animals here aren't his only victims.
She says raw sewage, mice, and other critters became a problem.  She feared for her family and the other neighbors' safety. Walton says someone finally had enough and called for help.  "Obviously their best days are ahead of them. We got them out of this mess."

Brooks faces felony animal cruelty charges.
Wild At Heart Ranch owner Annette Tucker tells KTUL.com 22 dogs were rescued in Claremore.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton says the dogs were found in "worse than deplorable conditions."

Deputies arrested 60-year-old Dennis Lee Brooks of Chelsea on felony animal cruelty charges.

Neighbors called sheriff deputies to investigate a house near 1100 Kay street where up to 32 dogs were living without any humans around.

What investigators found was a house with deep layers of dog feces and trash everywhere. Rescuers had to put on special suits and shovel a path through the feces before wading through to rescue the animals.

Walton says the owners would come by every once in awhile to feed the animals and give them water.

He says the dogs' everyday life was "absolutely pure hell."

The animals that were kept outside were in a 6 foot by 12 foot pen with seven dogs.  Sgt. Tandy Reeder said their shelter was an old washing machine tub.  Reeder reported that feces was overflowing to such an extent that it was "pouring out from the sides."

Tucker says the dogs looked ok but were taken to be examined by a veterinarian in Rogers County.  Walton says the dogs looked to be fed, but the problem was living in such terrible conditions.

After getting the all-clear and surgery to be spayed/neutered, the dogs will need foster families and adoptive homes.

Walton says, "Their best days are ahead of them."

Tucker says the immediate need is money for medical care and boarding costs.  Adoptive families and foster homes are also needed in order to re-home all these dogs.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Puppy love: Great Dane has great big litter - USATODAY.com

This Great Dane a mother of 17(seventeen) won't know what to do when all these puppies grow up and start
running around...not to mention the owner!
Seventeen whimpering Great Dane puppies born by Cesarean section are keeping their mother, another dog and their breeder constantly busy trying to feed the unusually large litter.

The eight male and nine female pedigree puppies were born Monday at a veterinary clinic near Warsaw, Poland, after their breeder Gabriela Kubalska decided to spare the mother, 4-year-old Hania, a long labor. They are Hania's very first litter, Kubalska said Thursday.

Hania, looking tired, her puppies and another female Great Dane helping to nurse the litter, occupy most of the ground floor at Kubalska's house in a Warsaw suburb. The tiny pups nursed and slept by their mother on Thursday.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback in Germany made headlines in September when she gave birth to 17 puppies.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rescue Centres, Free Listings For Rescue Dogs.

FREE Listings for Rescue Centres !
List your dogs online for free...
Just follow the link below.
Rescue Centres, Free Listings For Rescue Dogs.

Are You Planning on Buying a Puppy From a Pet Store?

Are You Planning on Buying a Puppy From a Pet Store?: "

Ideally, every potential pet owner would go to a caring breeder and have a puppy carefully matched to them by an intelligent, people-wise and puppy- wise breeder, who would then offer to be of help and counsel for the life of the dog. This happens sometimes, but often owners procure a pup from a bad breeder or a pet store that just doesn't care. There is no attempt made to match the right pup with the right person, and buyers may have no outlet except a disgruntled or inexperienced employee who hangs up on them when they call to ask for a shred of advice.

Part of the problem stems from the original environment in which the puppies were born. Pet store puppies are often, but not always, conceived on 'puppy farms' in a Midwestern state (Kansas and Nebraska come to mind immediately) that has very lenient regulations concerning the raising of puppies. Such establishments are commonly called '.'

Puppies that get a start in puppy mills are often shunted from pen to pen, and are sometimes weaned prior to the fourth week, so that the mother doesn't have a chance to act as an Alpha and establish basic rules of cleanliness. As early as the fourth or fifth week these pups are often crated and in the air on their way to a pet store, so that they will arrive for public display at their cutest age - eight to ten weeks. Their sales potential is then greatly enhanced, but their house-training potential is greatly diminished in most cases.

During the time they are with their mothers they are clean enough, but the mother is removed too quickly (often to dry her up milk-wise and get her ready for another litter). Because of this the pups never have the benefit of her guiding hand (paw) for socialization and house-training purposes. After the separation from mom, these puppy mill 'children' are often caged in substandard holds, often with flooring that either allows them to mash their stools and urine or allows it to drop through wire to the ground. Depending on the arrangements made, the airline flight can be harrowing, often involving hours of time with the pups reclining in their own stools. It's not a good start for a puppy, especially in the area of house- training.

When the pups arrive at the pet store, they are often kept in cages in a back room and then deposited in window display areas to encourage impulse buyers. Finely shredded paper might be provided, or, in some stores, drainage systems or trays may be installed beneath the display pen, but the pups inevitably defecate, urinate, step on and play in their waste. The buying public sees only cute puppies cavorting and playing in seemingly clean shredded paper, but underneath the paper are packed down piles of stools and urine. Even if the pet store operator changes the paper several times a day, if even one stool is spread around when pups play, the resulting message to the pups is not one of the necessity of keeping their area clean.

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BBC - Health: Safety and dogs

Although incidents of dogs killing or seriously injuring children are very rare, it's sensible to work out ways to protect your child.

Kids and dogs seem to be natural pals, but the introduction of a new baby into a family that already has a dog takes some preparation and planning. Many dog owners, especially those who do not yet have children, dote on their pets and lavish them with a lot of attention. While this is terrific, there is no doubt that with the new baby will come household changes, so smart parents-to-be make the effort to prepare their best furry buddy for the needed adjustments.

Although there are occasional stories in the newspapers about dogs attacking babies, generally this is quite rare and most pet owners don't have problems. However, thinking about how your dog may react and minimising the disruption can really help.

To reduce the upset, making changes to your usual routine before the new baby arrives can be beneficial. For example:

  • Cut down the number of walks you have each day, as you'll probably have to do so when the new baby has arrived.
  • Watch out for any behaviour or habits that could cause difficulties, like frequently jumping up or pulling on the lead. If you do notice such habits, slowly work on them, using treats as rewards.
  • Teach your dog to be quiet around the house and get him used to sitting still and staying still. When you're dealing with a baby, this will be very useful.
  • Have a dummy run and see how your dog might react to a baby. It sounds mad, but wrap a doll in a blanket, nurse it and give it attention.
  • Encourage your dog not to go upstairs, especially if your nursery will be there.
Useful links for more information :


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Friday, 11 March 2011

Did supermoon spark quake? ‘Extreme supermoon’ said to set Earth up for weather chaos | The Sun |News

"JAPAN'S devastating earthquake comes just days after a warning that an extreme 'supermoon' would spark chaos across the globe.

On March 19, the moon will loom large in our skies and be at its closest distance from the Earth in 18 years.

And weather bloggers noted there was a supermoon just before the last monster tsunami in Asia on Boxing Day 2004.

Conspiracy theorists on the internet have made catastrophic predictions of tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

(read more)...

Did supermoon spark quake? ‘Extreme supermoon’ said to set Earth up for weather chaos | The Sun |News:

‘Extreme supermoon’ said to set Earth up for weather chaos | The Sun |News

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Has your dog being sniffing you to much Hmmmm ...Dogs have nose for cancer | The Sun |News

Has your dog being sniffing you to much Hmmmm ... Dogs have nose for cancerDogs are different from any other pet because of there extraordinary adaptability in terms of there association with us human beings. Dogs have been arround humans through out history performing many different and important roles, adapting to changes occurring in human society through out the millennia.
Dogs have been man's best friends for very long , in fact for more than 10.000 years.
I think it's time we give them the recognition they deserve by not neglting there needs, not abandoning them just because we no longer have time, space or because we 're going on a vacation and dogs aren't alloud. Did you know a Dog would give it,s own life just to save it's owner's life. A happy Dog reflects a happy owner, so be happy, happiness brings joy and harmony in to life.

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Did supermoon spark quake? ‘Extreme supermoon’ said to set Earth up for weather chaos | The Sun |News

JAPAN'S devastating earthquake comes just days after a warning that an extreme "supermoon" would spark chaos across the globe.

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